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  • Rebecca Harris

Getting Started is Hard

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Getting started is hard, making a change stick is even more challenging and crossing the ‘Valley of Death’ as we settle into a new mindset and way of working, frankly, can make you feel like it is easier to stop trying.

Photo by Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

Whiteboard people meet you wherever you’re at and work with you to get started. This might be in the form of a small experiment we design together that starts to build the “why”. Every organisation is different. For some the “why” is clear and you just need support to get on with strategy execution.

For others it might be about finding ways to enlighten leaders with what is possible if we did things in a different way. This could be as simple as visualising the work to demonstrate how much we have “in progress” that never gets to done. Sound familiar?

It could be trying a new technique like empathy mapping and journey mapping that fast tracks you to a shared understanding of a problem.

When and how are you starting? Feel the difference of working with a Company that wants to share the risk, go on the journey with you and step away knowing you’ve got this when you are ready.

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